TNTY aims to provide the highest quality, customer oriented, cost efficient, high capacity and safe solutions. At TNTY, we consider every project carefully. This includes taking into account the objectives of park managers, developers, investors and guests. We know how importantit is to increase the length of stay and to ensure repeat visits in your park. Project budget and development goals are crucial in our design analysis and planning. The location, topography, climate, culture, capacity, environment, location visibility of each site is unique. We do not assume what works in one specific country will work elsewhere.

TNTY has an experienced, talented and innovative staff of professional architects and engineers dedicated to the aquatic industry. Our multi-disciplinary approach makes it possible to offer flexible solutions. Our design team designs the most sophisticated types of rides, works carefully with the unique characteristics of each project, maximizes the site potential and finds the best optimum solution – all while ensuring the success of every project.