Body Slides

This group of waterslides taking takes the water pumped to the top and lets it flow through a flume letting the rider slide to the bottom using the the pull of gravity. These are still “must” haves for every waterpark although they are the oldest kind of waterslide.

Body Slides are the original waterslides and they usually follow a very gentle and curvy path. Still, some body slides are designed to reach fairly high levels of speed.

Due to their flexibility, Body slides have always been popular. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and can also be included in all hotel and resort packages.

These slides can be designed open or enclosed tube; fast or slow; long or short; and can end in an aquacatch or in a pool play. Since the design of this group of slides have curves, the riders experience a longer ride while experiencing the excitement of the twists and turns as they approach the end. Most riders will be required to lie flat on their backs, and cross their arms over their chest on these types of slides. Our Body Slide Series are available in any color and we offer a wide variety of configurations. You can download our fiberglass color chart from the “download” section of our web site to see the wide variety of color options.

Our Body Slides group consists of 4 different slides. Please click on the names for further information.