WATERPARKS: Splash Cabin Debuts At Aquafantasy

Splash Cabin allows two players to engage in a water battle with animated competitors using an interactive screen. Guests play from inside a beach-bungalow-style cabin and score points by hitting moving targets while trying to avoid being hit themselves by waterjets shooting from screen-embedded nozzles. Players earn points for hitting targets, and the loser is doused with a water-splash surprise.

It is a wet version of Lagotronic’s GameCabIN, and TNTY Waterparks is the exclusive seller of the attraction. With a modular design and small footprint – 3.8 meters long x 5.8 meters high x 3.6 meters wide (12.5 feet long x 19 feet high x 12 feet wide ), the hut fits into a variety of entertainment and leisure facilities’ operations.

TNTY partnered with Lagotronics (Venlo, Netherlands), a specialty firm that creates state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions and has also lined up other projects that include interactive dark rivers, virtual-reality waterslides and VR waterslide gaming.

Muharrem Atilla, manager of Aquafantasy, said: “Offering breakthrough attractions is the norm for our park, which is one of the largest in Turkey. But the Splash Cabin is a completely new attraction, even for us. It combines so many elements that deliver guest satisfaction. Multiple guests can play simultaneously, the queues move quickly due to the limited game timing, and they can even share their experiences on social media, which expands exposure of the attraction to potential new fans who aren’t even at the park.”


  • More fun and excitement than similar 3D shooting games
  • The ability for two guests to play simultaneously
  • A realistic 3D experience produced by two LED projectors
  • 2 robust water shooters designed to deliver long, problem-free user time
  • Requirement of only one computer with plug-and-play architecture for game control
  • Multiple responsive water nozzles embedded in the interactive screen
  • Computer-controlled electronic water valves
  • A high-pressure water pump
  • 2-minute-maximum game duration
  • Waterproof equipment inside the splash zone
  • The option to play without water features
  • 2 types of unique cabin designs
  • Social-media integration
  • The possibility of indoor and outdoor versions (also inside Water Play Structure pools)
  • Availability of different cabin theming
  • Availability of different game scenarios and IPs.