TNTY Waterparks Launches The World's Largest Bowl Slide: TIME RIDER


TNTY Waterparks, global market leader in design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of waterparks and water play attractions, is proud to announce the brand-new water slide; Time Rider.

January 30, 2020 (Turkey) - We are pleased to announce the launch of Time Rider waterslide. Time Rider features the world's largest bowl with 4 possible paths. Offering 4 paths allows the riders to experience different choices every time, allowing riders to easily extend their time on this water slide. Time Rider also offers special lighting effects on its wormhole (functional observation walkway). This special and integrated walkway allows riders to enjoy their time watching others while waiting in line. This wormhole also features a spray system which creates a mystical environment and most importantly, this fog keeps the riders cool while they are waiting for their turn. This water slide offers a whole new visual experience as its fully themed and compatible with TNTY highly covered Glassy (fully transparent water slide) technology. This ride also offers VR applications. Time Rider, with its streamlined design, unique theming, special construction design and with the observation pathway - which is compatible with wheelchairs as well - is a new milestone in waterslide design.

The world's largest bowl water slide, Time Rider has been introduced at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, USA on November 2019 and it has been named the winner of an IAAPA Brass Ring Award in the Best New Product Concept: Major Ride/ Attraction category which is one of the global attractions industry's most prestigious honours.

Unique Benefits

  • World's Largest Bowl Waterslide: World's largest bowl with 4 alternate paths!
  • Streamlined and Iconic Time Travel Construction Integrated Within the Slide: This waterslide will blow the riders minds and they will forget where they are and what time it is!
  • Functional Observation Walkway: It allows all riders to enjoy their time watching other people's experiences while waiting in line under a mystical fog which also keeps them cool.
  • Construction with Special Animated Lighting: This special waterslide also offers special lighting effects on its wormhole (Functional Observation Walkway)
  • Zero Gravity, Maximum Acceleration & More Than Four Alternative Paths: Feeling the zero gravity and maximum acceleration will conquer the universe with screams and fun!
  • High Capacity "6 Riders Raft" & Side Drop of 40 Degrees: Designed for big family rafts of 6 riders, sliding in a 175 meter-long water slide with maximum speed of 9 meters per second!
  • Optional "Glassy" (Fully Transparent Waterslide): This new and special artifact is compatible with TNTY special Glassy (Fully transparent fiberglass waterslide)
  • Compatible with VR Applications: Time Rider is a very big and fully themed waterslide offering various VR applications.

Image 1 - Time Rider's Functional Observation Walkway

Image 2 - Time Rider Waterslide Top View

Image 3 - IAAPA Brass Ring Award '19 Best New Concept Award: Major Ride/Attraction