TNTY to Strengthen Western European Presence

TNTY to Strengthen Western European Presence

(April 19, 2021 - Turkey) - TNTY Group aims to strengthen its presence in Western Europe through its new company TNTY West Europe SAS, which was established in Paris in 2019.

Many tourist facilities in the region have already been embracing and experiencing TNTY impressive variety of products for a long time. Customers trust — and express satisfaction — at TNTY many years of steadiness and consistency as a single-source supplier. That customer confidence played a significant role when TNTY decided to establish a company in Western Europe.

Emin Berk Baltaoğlu (General Manager of TNTY West Europe SAS) manages the region from Paris in coordination with the Headquarters of TNTY Group. His vast knowledge and experience about the region, the cultures, and TNTY products contribute significantly to matching the right solutions with the expectations of customers. A network of partners has been established covering Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, and Northern Europe. This network supports TNTY customers in the region and maximizes the value of their investments in TNTY products. Subcontracting agreements have been made with attraction suppliers, pool equipment suppliers, and installation companies. Infrastructure studies for municipal project specifications have been completed separately on a local basis.

TNTY regional border across Western Europe extends to the United Kingdom where technical product support comes from Okyay Halavurt, Regional Business Development Manager. Mr. Halavurt is widely recognized as a strong, reliable source of technical solutions in Western Europe and the U.K. He provides support from the West Midlands in England.

TNTY Group is also proud to announce and welcome Gabriele Geraci as Business Development Manager for Italy. Mr. Geraci brings unique experience in thematic products and will be the point of contact for potential customers in Europe within the scope of Futuraform, as well as TNTY Aquariums products and services.

TNTY Group offers services backed by 47 years of experience in 65 countries. The company is supported by a wide network of offices, partners, and dealers spanning more than 5 continents and with a total of 21 manufacturing facilities and enterprises employing more than 1,500 staff members from 74 nations.

Thanks to TNTY international structure, organized locally at a global level, TNTY has the ability to better understand the dynamics of the unique cultures of its partners and clients. The company’s creative solutions are an added advantage to the projects it delivers in many different countries and in working as part of an international team. With its extensive network, TNTY can offer faster and higher quality services for each and every culture in its own language. TNTY Group is more ready than ever to provide unique experiences to its customers in Western Europe.