Largest Indoor Waterpark in Europe is a Tropical Paradise!

September 14, 2020 (Turkey) - Park of Poland has now opened the first phase of it's develepment which includes Europe's largest indoor water park named "Suntago Waterworld". Located in the Village of Wręcza near the town of Mszczonów, less than an hour's drive from the capital Warsaw, the facility will cover 190 acres with the addition of a theme park, hotels, shopping center and conference venues. The developers, Global City Holdings and Wund Group, claim that once complete it will be Europe's second-largest entertainment complex.

For now, Suntago Water World is a staggering 67,000 m2 waterpark that can hot up to 10,000 people for 365 days of the year. It offers 18 swimming pools with a total area of 3,500 square meters, 32 water slides totalling 3.2 kilometers in length (including Europe's longest slide at 320 meters), 10 saunas and luxury spas, and a 40,000 square meter "tropical" garden complete with more than 700 real, imported palm trees and other plants from Malaysia, Florida and Costa Rica.

Furthering the tropical experience, the park is warmed to tropical temperatures of 32°C (89°F) and provides three distinct tropical experiences with the Jamango Water Jungle, Relax Suntago and the Saunaria Suntago areas.

Something for Everyone

Relax Suntago and Saunaria Suntago are only open to guest over the age of 16. The relax zone contains heated thermal pools, a swim-up bar and the majority of the park's 700 imported palm trees which are dotted around tropical gardens. A semi-submerged revolving door leads from the main pool to an outdoor area where guests can take in the cool Polish air from the safety of the thermally heated water. A separate room houses baths infused variously with Dead Sea salt, potassium, sulphur and other minerals claimed to have curative properties. With these lavish amenities, Relax Suntago lives up to it's name and purpose.

The Saunarium features yet more sunbeds and a network of saunas, steam rooms and relaxation areas set to different temperatures and humidities ranging from -12 degrees Celsius in "Mont Blanc" to 95 degrees in "Valhall". In the Saunarium you may find the suite of rooms collectively known as the "Egyptian Village" featuring an eccentric collection of handmade "ancient" artifacts adorning the walls and abutting the "Korean Leisure Room" and the "Maldives Beach Sauna", creating a culturally and geographically inspired experience. This part of the park also features the spa where guests can splurge on state-of-the-art beauty treatments and massages.

The third area is the aqua park, Jamango, which is the main area for families to enjoy their days together. It boasts various swimming pools, a "lazy river", a wave pool with retractable roof, an artificial surf park, and the waterslides... the longest of which cuts through the park's lobby and drops 5 stories to ground level.

A Galaxy of Waterslides

Jamango is "the center of the galaxy" and features more than a dozen of TNTY signature waterslides. The colorful twisting tubes will soar above the lush landscape of tropical plants and orchids inside the facility and include:

  • Windigo. Guests enter alongside one another in enclosed tubes that spread out to create geometrical curves that curl parallel with the others and end in multiracer lanes.
  • The Multisurf. On this fast and freewheeling mat-racing slide, guests compete on a head-first path of two to six lanes.
  • Looping Rocket. This attraction features a unique "launch capsule" 73 feet in the air with a trap door that sends riders through a high-speed, horizontal, 360-degree loop.
  • The Space Hole. One of the largest speed slides combines an enclosed tube with a huge, open bowl where centrifugal force whirls guests toward a breathtaking exit.
  • Wide Slide. This attraction offers a smooth ride for guests over multiple hills and is especially popular in TNTY "Flying Carpet" and rainbow themes.
  • Magic Hole. An enclosed slide with a unique elliptical shape and flat bottom, this ride delivers an unforgettable experience with a variety of twists, turns and drops.
  • An Aquatube. Riders of this attraction begin three stories high and whiz through transparent tubes.
  • An Aquatube + Body Slide combination. Riders begin three stories high, sliding through transparent tubes before entering a variety of slide paths and varying speeds.
  • Black Hole. This enclosed tube slide offers a variety of special effects to create an out-of-this-world visual experience.
  • Black Hole + Flying Boats + Space Shuttle combination. Guests are propelled along a journey through tubes and a space-shuttle-shaped pod before swirling into a surprise drop.
  • Black Hole + Rafting Slide combination. One half of this slide provides high-speed travel through twisting, turning tubes while the second allows guests to ride together in rafts.
  • Family Rafting Slide + Family Wave Slide combination. The family slide allows guests of all ages to ridetogether. The second half is TNTY new high-speed, uphill ride.
  • Navigatour + Sphere combination. Hydro jets accelerate riders though a roller-coast-like experience, including a sphere where they're propelled side to side.
  • Looping Rocket + Freefall combination. This high-adrenaline ride drops guests from a platform to simulate a freefall without the danger.
  • Spheres + Navigatour + Black Hole combination. Water-injection propulsion shoots riders up and down hills, through a Sphere and into an enclosed tube slide.