Kosovo's largest water park opens: 20,000 square meter AquaPark Ujëvara Resort near Ferizaj

Although Kosovo is not bordered by the sea, there is no lack of water fun: Aquapark Ujëvara Resort has opened the country's largest water park.

From now on, visitors will find 20,000 square meters of water fun and refreshment in the newest and largest water park in Kosovo: The AquaParkUjëvara Resort, which is located near the town of Ferizaj, offers a colorful mix of water attractions - in particular, there are no shortage of colorful slides. The water park has been open since June of this year.

In the water park was thought of all age groups: While the adults wait several spectacular water slides of the Turkish manufacturer TNTY Waterparks, the younger guests can look forward to a pirate ship with child-friendly slides and a large playground. The various pools are surrounded by a variety of loungers that invite you to relax after a water adventure. There is also a restaurant at Ujëvara Resort.

The entrance fee for adults is currently ten euros each, for each child there is an entrance fee of five euros.