High tech. In Mongermont, Polymorph develops 2 global innovations

The company

In 2017, Polymorph is celebrating its 15th birthday. A big year, which sees the culmination of two creations: one in the field of service and industry, and the other in the entertainment sector.

In cooperation with the company Asterion VR - a start-up created only a year and a half ago - a new application has been developed, with the realization of platforms of variable dimensions: from 3 X 3 m to 6 X 4 m , allowing a person to move in space "in physical reality, in a virtual reality environment," says Fabrice Guichard, the director.

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Two versions exist: one in the form of entertainment, present in a dozen countries in the world, and the other military, already adopted by the special forces of Peru, Vietnam, Algeria, India, and currently being negotiated in France with the GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, Ed) , the Raid and Marine Commandos, "said Erik Geslin, of Asterion.

Virtual reality

The second creation is currently applied in an Aquaparc in Switzerland and in a Land of Legend in Turkey. The technological feat is to float a toboggan in a water park, equipped with a virtual reality helmet, to see a 360 ° film. "This gives an exceptional sensation, a loss of reference, it is undoubtedly the new generation of slides," says Jerome Foucher, who directs the technical part.

The first film made possible to immerse the person in an underwater world "our innovation is present recently, at the water park of TNTY Waterparks in Turkey".

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This is, in million euros, the turnover of Polymorph . Founded in 2002, the company has 30 employees, is present abroad in 20 countries (USA, Quebec, Belgium, Dubai, etc.) and produces an animated film, an attraction in the entertainment and creates a big system of simulation per year.