Aqua Fantasy new with world's first 'Splash Cabin'

A combination of video game and water battle promises the "Splash Cabin" - a new attraction that combines water fun with fun. The Turkish aqua park Aqua Fantasy is now the world's first amusement park with the water feature created by TNTY Waterparks and Lagotronics Projects.

Last year, the Turkish water slide manufacturer TNTY Waterparks, together with the Dutch cooperation partner Lagotronics Projects, presented the "Splash Cabin" at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 in Orlando ( we reported ). Now the first delivery of the model, which promises lively water cannon action, takes place at the Turkish aqua park Aqua Fantasy in Izmir.

The idea of ​​the "Splash Cabin" was developed by Lagotronics Projects together with TNTY Waterparks from the "Game Cabin". The new model allows a fun water feature for two people, who - equipped with 3D glasses - with water cannons on a screen, on the meantime, an adventurous film with matching theming can be seen firing.

It is important to catch as many moving targets as possible with the water jet. The special feature: Depending on how accurate the players are, it can happen that they are made wet by the characters themselves. Because the screen is equipped with nozzles that can spray back. A score at the end of the game shows how skillfully the individual player dealt with the water cannon. By the way: The loser of the duel can adjust to a wet surprise at the end of the game.

Splash Cabin Exterior

The "Splash Cabin" reminds from the outside of a tropical bungalow. (Source: TNTY Waterparks, Screenshot:

The interactive water feature takes place inside a cabin designed in the style of a tropical beach bungalow. Such a "Splash Cabin" has been located in the Turkish aqua park Aqua Fantasy in Izmir since this summer and invites visitors to an interactive, water-driven game.